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Muhammed Ali: Muslim conscientious objector -

Vietcong never said "nigger" to me

Ali beim Boxen / Ali
                  boxeando / Ali boxing

by Michael Palomino (2005 / 2016)

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from: film: Die Muhammed Ali Story. Teil 3: Das Exil [The Muhammad Ali story. Part 3: Exile]; In: Deutsches Sportfernsehen DSF , 24 December 2004, 21:45-23:00 [German sports TV, 2004-12-24, 21:45-23:00]


-- black journalists blame "US" president Johnson for sending black people into Vietnam war to exterminate black youth to reduce black population

-- Ali refuses Vietnam war with the argument he never had anything against Vietcong because Vietcong never had said "nigger" to him but the White in the "USA" did

-- Ali is deprived of his boxing license

-- Ali is without job and without income, and only with performances in talk shows he has a minimal salary

-- all States Courts assert the deprivation of the boxing license because of the conscientious objection

-- the Courts judge all in the same way because anybody wants to hurt the dictated political line

-- Ali has a compulsory break for 3 years, writes a biography, is performing in shows and helds speeches to earn some money

-- only in 1971  he is allowed to have a first fight in Alabama

Military service objected - job is lost.

Who is poor in the "USA" today gets "best career chances" in the army, because otherwise it's not possible to pay a study. Poverty and high tuition fees are producing a new slavery...

Ali did not even want to study but only boxing he wanted. But: Ali did not want to be a slave.

Michael Palomino
March 2005


2016: Death of Mohammed Ali (Clay) - a star of resistence against criminal NATO and CIA NWO:

Article (translated):
Against the system up to the end (Bis zum Schluss gegen das System)


<Muhammad Ali has gone. The man which was born with the names Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. was unique in many kinds. He was not only the greatest sportist of the 20th century, but he was also a model as a critic of the system. His way of resistence has been put down since a long time already into the history books. A condition which some are taking amiss also after his death. This is an abituary in some other way. By Emran Feroz.

[The words of the CIA NWO news about the death of Mohammed Ali]

"Boxing legend Cassius Clay has died. In 1964 Clay insisted to be called as Muhammad Ali after having converted to radical Islam." With these words the French station "France2" was declaring the death of Muhammad Ali. There are three reasons why this news is full of offensiveness. First Ali was more than a "boxing legend" but in this news he is reduced to a sportive personality. Second Ali's name Cassius Clay is stressed first in the news but Ali said that this was is "slave name". Third - and this is the most offensive element - the conversion by Ali to Islam is presented in the foreground and is connected directly with extremism and radicality.

Muhammad Ali and Islam - this was a relation which did not please to many people even when they celebrated his sportive successes. This does not wonder. Among other elements Ali's conversion was also an action of protest against the existing political system. He confronted the racist elites. Basically he wanted to teach all Afro "Americans" that they had faked names which were given from the slaveholders. At the beginning he was calling himself Cassius X, later then he called himself Mohammed Ali. These two names belong to the most important personalities of Islamic history: Mohammad, the prophet of Islam, and Ali, the fourth calif and Mohammads son-in-law. [New research is proving clearly that Mohammed is an invention of about 900 for having an Arab Christian "counter prophet" against Jesus].

[Ali's resistence against "Walk of Fame" - Ali's statements for people being suppressed and terrorized by criminal NATO CIA NWO]

Ali liked his names. When he was asked to eternalize his name in the street of "Walk of Fame" Ali was neglecting. He indicated that he would not accept that people would step on the names of the holy prophet everyday. Today the name of Muhammad Ali is the only name of "Walk of Fame" being installed on a wall. Others would be difamed as "Islamists" in our days showing such a resistance.

But Ali was not shiny to show his religion. He certenly was not a fanatic but he was presenting it with pride - and he found always the right words when media and politicnas were attacking Islam and it's 1.3 billions of fans, above all since the attacks of September 11, 2001. His last fights Ali did not have in the sports hall but when he talked against extremists of IS or talking against Islam haters like Donald Trump. Just some days before Ali was compared with Trump in a stupid way. Former boulevard reporter and CNN speaker Mr. Piers Morgan meant yesterday in Twitter that he had to inform the world that Ali "had said much more racist things about whites than Trump against Muslims". These are moments feeling well when a shitstorm is coming.

Ali's fight was always also a fight for suppressed and underprivileged people - not important if they were Muslims, blacks or also Palestinians or Vietnamese. His action was always against injustice and exploration. At the top of his success he was not collaborating and currying favor with the system but he was installing himself against it criticizing with a strong voice the "American" bloodshed in Vietnam becoming the most famous objector in history. In this way he became a symbol of global resistence being it until today. [White racist NWO regime cancelled Ali his boxing licence then until 1971].

[NWO media concealing resistence details about Ali against childsex NATO and Zionist NWO]

People concealing all these facts in the context of Ali but even neglecting his Muslim identity, his Afro "American" resistence and his political philosophical sides in general will never be right presenting his personality but will also act as a loudspeaker of those who were always criticized by Ali.

[The perfect hypocrisy: mass murderer Obama dignifying objector and NWO critic Ali]

It will be even less credible now that just the powerfull privileged and suppressors on power are coming now trying to dignify Muhammed Ali with hypocritical words. As the first person with such double standards a man can be found which only had the skin color in comon with Ali: "US" President Barack Obama. In common with the First Lady [an operated man, a ladyboy] Obama was dignifying Ali in a statement honoring his work. "A man he fought for us", this he said among others.

Just Obama, a man who lets kill men and women and children with is lethal drones every day and who will be noted in history books as one of the torture dukes of Guantanamo, just this Obama means he has the right to remember Ali. All what Muhammad Ali stood for is the contrary what Barack Obama is doing. Vietnam is Afghanistan. The suppressed is not onlye a black man, but he is the one suffering by the Empire. Separation of races has become separation of humans. Racism has internacionalized - let's see it in Brooklyn, in the Mediterranean, in the West Bank. This was before already and this has not changed until today.

[Ali never lost a fight - Ali is free from the NWO system now]

Ali provoked more consciousness during his life and also after his death for all these tragic circumstances which have to be fought world wide. The short-sighted headlines have no effect. But the "Champ" has effect, he never lost any fight, nor his last fight.

Years before Ali meant in an interview the following: "Some humans thought that I would be a hearo. Some people say that it was wrong what I did. But all what I did was with full consciousness. I did not try to be a leader puppet. I just wanted to be free." This freedom Ali has got now. Because we are remaining captives [of the criminal NATO NWO system], but he is really free now.>

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